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Oktober 24, 2008

Bradley Effect enables Voter Fraud

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Karl Rove

Karl Rove

Maybe this article is just one in a long line of requiems for the Bradley Effect (at least I’m hoping it is). But what if it isn’t and the Bradley Effect still won’t reveal itself as a political myth? It may stand the test of time and proofs to be for real, even in the year 2008.

If you search for „Bradley Effect“ on the Huffington Post, you’ll get to a list of articles, on which I dare to say that every single one is trying to debunk this theory. (I tend to think that they are right and we will not see this election effected by it.)

Now to the point that I’m trying to make: (more…)

Oktober 21, 2008

Die Protagonisten der US-Wahl 08: Bill Ayers der Terrorist

Name: William Charles Ayers
Geboren: 26.12.1944 in Chicago, Illinois
Rolle: Terrorist und geheimer Berater von Barack Obama

Bill Ayers gehörte einer radikalen Anti-Kriegs Organisation in den 1960er Jahren an, den Weather Underground. Mit ihnen verübte er mehrere Bombenanschläge in den USA, bei denen auch Menschen getötet wurden, obwohl die Gruppe das immer vermeiden wollte. Das primäre Ziel war der Protest gegen den Krieg in Vietnam. Er wurde für diese Aktivitäten aufgrund von Formalfehlern nie verurteilt. Heute lebt er in Chicago und ist ein anerkannter Professor an der University of Illionois in Chicago.

Im Februar 2008 erschien der erste Artikel der die Beziehung zwischen Barack Obama und Bill Ayers zum Inhalt hatte.

Die Verknüpfungspunkte: (more…)

Oktober 20, 2008

McCain: Joe the Plumber is a rip-off!

So here’s the thing:  Remember the 1997 movie „Wag the Dog“ with Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman (if you haven’t seen the movie yet, go out and vote and on your way back rent the dvd!)? The plot is about a presidential election and to boost their candidate, the campaign stategist (De Niro) let the US start a military conflict with Albania, only its all based in a film studio in hollywood, totally fictional. The media is streaming the pictures they get from the director (Hoffman) of this whole thing and the american public doesn’t look behind the scenes and believe them.

So they decide its time to bring up a person who is capable of attracting the sympathies of the american people and decide to go with a missing soldier by the name of William Schumann (Woody Harrelson). They give him the nickname „Ol‘ Shoe“ and Willie Nelson records a theme song. The campaign even sets a trend by throwing old shoes on trees, city lights and other public places.

Doesn’t this all sound very, VERY, familiar? A presidential campaign in the need of a boost, that connects them to the average american small business man, draws their sympathies? Give him a nickname and let people show up in the public wearing shirts and swinging plungers?

The McCain campaign just copied from a movie and invented their very own Good Ol‘ Shoe – Joe the Plumber! And if you know the movie, you see where this is going: in the same direction that Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher is heading – being exposed as a fraud, as a political marionette, a transmitter of McCains lies about his own and Obamas tax-plan!

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