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Februar 16, 2009

The Republican Paradox

The members of the republican party (GOP) don’t like it when the government trys to interveen in the course of the so called free market. They preach their theory of small government which shall only have one weapon of intervention when things „are not looking so good“ – tax cuts, their holy grail (see here how tax cuts failed under Bush). Otherwise, so the rebublicans state, government is growing to big and is deciding for you which health care you get and how you shall provide for your family and so on. They summarize it under one big scary word: SOCIALISM!

So, government is meant to be small and doesn’t have any business of regulating the market or social services for citizens, according to the GOP and their base.

Which is leading to a very interesting question: How could they be supportive of the Home Patriot Act and all other measures that have been taken by the Bush-administration to cut into personal liberties and privacy, basecally allowing the government to spy on every person in the US (and around the western world by putting the heads of EU under (lobbying-)pressure) without justification?

It seems to me that since 2001 the government was very big in controlling peoples lifes and personal freedom by taking out the „private“ of „private life“. It seeded misstrust and fear under its citizens and transfered wealth via the war (taxpayer money was given to weapon manufactorers, security firms like Blackwater/Xe, Halliburton, oil companies and on and on) to the rich.

Also, under Bush the US were robbed of its surplus, the gap between the rich and the poor has increased by a big margin and US has lost all its credit in the western world, beeing only feared and not respected as a friend anymore.

Now the republican party is screaming murder and saying that president Obama is stealing money from the next generations by pushing through the expensive stimulus plan. A plan that was not even read by the GOP but criticiced from day one.

To get to the paradox that I’m trying to outline: Republicans don’t have a problem with a government which is spying on them, controlling their lifes and (subtely) telling them how to spend their earned money, but they DO have a problem with a government that is trying to rebuild the failed market, trying to make sure that everyone has good health care (watch this if you want to know how this department has been handled in the last 8 years), trying to oversee what happens with the taxpayer money given to the banks and companies in trouble (though they have only themselfes – the banks – to blame)?

Can anyone explain that to me? Wingnuts maybe?

Oktober 24, 2008

Bradley Effect enables Voter Fraud

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Karl Rove

Karl Rove

Maybe this article is just one in a long line of requiems for the Bradley Effect (at least I’m hoping it is). But what if it isn’t and the Bradley Effect still won’t reveal itself as a political myth? It may stand the test of time and proofs to be for real, even in the year 2008.

If you search for „Bradley Effect“ on the Huffington Post, you’ll get to a list of articles, on which I dare to say that every single one is trying to debunk this theory. (I tend to think that they are right and we will not see this election effected by it.)

Now to the point that I’m trying to make: (more…)

Oktober 20, 2008

McCain: Joe the Plumber is a rip-off!

So here’s the thing:  Remember the 1997 movie „Wag the Dog“ with Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman (if you haven’t seen the movie yet, go out and vote and on your way back rent the dvd!)? The plot is about a presidential election and to boost their candidate, the campaign stategist (De Niro) let the US start a military conflict with Albania, only its all based in a film studio in hollywood, totally fictional. The media is streaming the pictures they get from the director (Hoffman) of this whole thing and the american public doesn’t look behind the scenes and believe them.

So they decide its time to bring up a person who is capable of attracting the sympathies of the american people and decide to go with a missing soldier by the name of William Schumann (Woody Harrelson). They give him the nickname „Ol‘ Shoe“ and Willie Nelson records a theme song. The campaign even sets a trend by throwing old shoes on trees, city lights and other public places.

Doesn’t this all sound very, VERY, familiar? A presidential campaign in the need of a boost, that connects them to the average american small business man, draws their sympathies? Give him a nickname and let people show up in the public wearing shirts and swinging plungers?

The McCain campaign just copied from a movie and invented their very own Good Ol‘ Shoe – Joe the Plumber! And if you know the movie, you see where this is going: in the same direction that Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher is heading – being exposed as a fraud, as a political marionette, a transmitter of McCains lies about his own and Obamas tax-plan!

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